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Brother, can you spare a dime? 
Brother, can you spare a dime?
The latest adventure from Pinky, Bear, and the enigmatic Flo.

Helmut said, "Damn it, listen to me. I'm at Ludwig's home and I'm standing in a pool of his blood!"

And so his old school chum, Helmut, screws up Bear's planned afternoon of beer and baseball with his Bo-sox.

The latest Pinky and Bear adventure takes the dynamic trio from the Atlantic coast to Beijing, China, to oxygen deprived Lhasa,Tibet, to find the murderer and a tiny dime worth a cool two million dollars.

The adventure includes sky goddesses, bat lollipops, quotes from Shakespeare and Confucius, Flo's devious ways, and ends with a prize winning cliff hanger that defies all logic even if you think you know the crafty Pinky Delmont.

Brother, can you spare a dime?
The latest mystery from Pinky, Bear, and the enigmatic Flo.

Here it is! The book you have been waiting for!

Brother, can you spare a dime?, the latest mystery from Pinky, Bear, and Flo, takes the reader on a wild ride from the Atlantic coast of the United States to oxygen deprived Lhasa, Tibet, where the dynamic trio is presented with a whole new set of adventures that include, but are not limited to—more than one Mai Tai—dried bat lollipops—a mysterious guide named Joe—too many hush puppies—melted Yak butter—political intrigue—endless bottles of bad Chinese beer and Great Wall Cabernet Sauvignon—and the childhood apartment of the Dali Lama.

Brother, can you spare a dime? is available at Amazon.com for the bargain price of $14.95, or Kindle for $4.99, or your friendly neighborhood book store.

Do you recall how much fun you had reading the first four books? Then why stop at one copy? Purchase a couple of books and give one to a friend. This is your opportunity to reach out and help spread the word of great literature. Okay, okay, so the great literature statement is a stretch, but, Brother, can you spare a dime?, is a great read.
One final suggestion and this one is ecologically correct, like you might save an endangered species or something! Buy ten copies and you can complete your Christmas shopping without driving around. Think of it, you will not use expensive gas, or get mad trying to find a parking spot at the mall.

Brother, can you spare a dime?, is also available at any book store in the United States. All you have to do is give them the title, my name as author, and ask them to order you a copy.

Brother, can you spare a dime?, is also on sale in Healdsburg at,

Be sure to say hello to Arron and thank him for selling my books.

Brother, can you spare a dime? Casting Contest

Last week I was staring at my keyboard when my thoughts strayed from the next Pinky and The Bear mystery to what famous actor could play Pinky in the Brother, can you spare a dime?, blockbuster movie?
At this point no one has purchased the movie rights, but you can never figure out what a crazy Hollywood producer will do next.
And who would play the parts of Bear, Flo, and and do not forget Willow?
After you have finished reading the book, send me your picks for the four roles. I will post them as they come in and eventually select a winner.
What will the winner receive?
A signed copy of the next mystery in the series and your name posted on the Graffiti wall. Not great, but what did you expect for ten minutes of mental gymnastics and an email?
The best choices so far.
Pinky-- Jeremy Piven or B.J. Novak or Danny Devito or Hugh Laurie or Zach Galifianakis or Emilio Estevez
Bear--Jason Segel or David Denman or Alec Baldwin or Nathan Fillion or Keanu Reeves or Ryan Hurst or Henry Rollins
Willow--Emily Deschanel or Sandra Bullock or Lisa Kudrow
Flo--Debi Mazar or Jaime Pressly or Cameron Diaz or Yvonne Strahovski or Christina Hendricks

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I have had the pleasure of reading Pinky and Bear mysteries before and they are a treat! I was excited to read the latest caper, The Tartan Shroud. There are belly laughs, suspense, and more in this memorable book The Scottish setting was mesmerizing and how the characters cope with parts of it were downright hilarious. If you enjoy great suspense with memorable characters, pick this series up. It is well worth the read!
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If you enjoy good suspense full of odd and absurd red herrings you will find this to be an enchanting find. If you love good comedic wit and interplay among comical pundits, each with the understanding they are more intelligent that the other, you will love Pinky and Bear. Bear is a great hearted man, gruff but kind, and enamored of his family. Pinky is the quintessential lothario, in love with the idea of love, and remains friends with all his erstwhile conquests, including ex-wives. This is a fast paced and funny work, entertaining and full of charm, a work of art.
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I love books written by Ken Dalton. They are always a great romp of a mystery. Not just a who done it but a get on and ride with the wind story line. This time we took off and went all the way to Scotland. Running this way and that while still making forward progress seems to be the way Ken weaves a good story. I promise you it is all worth it. Every single time. Always!
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