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The latest adventure from Pinky, Bear,
and the enigmatic Flo.

Death is a Cabernet

Pinky's favorite ex-wife, Willow Stone, turned her head on the pillow and whispered in Pinky's ear, "Pinky, do you recall when you fed me that line, 'The cost of true love knows no bounds?"'

And when Willow asked Bear to go to Scotland with them, he said, "Before I say yes, I've heard they talk funny in Scotland. They don't talk French, or anything like French do they?"

Willow's questions to Pinky and Bear were the opening salvos that sets off a dynamic month long assult through the highlands and lowlands of Scotland in pursuit of a serial killer.

The Tartan Shroud
The latest Scottish adventure from Pinky, Bear, and the enigmatic Flo.

Here it is! The book you have waited a year to read!

The Tartan Shroud takes the reader to the country of Scotland. This time, Willow uses her womanly ways to trick the self aggrandizing Pinky Delmont to leave his lucrative law practice and give Bear and Flo an all-expensives paid vacation.

The Tartan Shroud presents the dynamic trio with a forester who has a wonky eye—haggis—the occasional spring day with bad weather—various Scottish policeman all named McSomething—mutton pie—a near new, sixty-year-old Austin Taxi—a bathroom that could double for a freezer—the nearly indecipherable Scottish accent—many glasses of whiskey and beer—ancient records—a broadsword—and a real Duke.

Ride with Bear, Flo, during their final mad dash across Scotland to try to stop the murderer before he kills again inside the hallowed halls of Blair Castle.

The Tartan Shroud is available at Amazon.com for the bargain price of $14.95, or Kindle for $4.99, or you can click on the Buy Now button and I will ship you an inscribed copy.

Do you recall how much fun you had reading the first three books? Then why stop at one copy? Purchase a couple of books and give one to a friend. This is your opportunity to reach out and help spread the word of great literature. Okay, okay, so the great literature statement is a stretch, but, The Tartan Shroud, is a fun read.
One final suggestion and this one is ecologically correct, like you might save an endangered species or something! Buy ten copies and you can complete your Christmas shopping without driving around. Think of it, you will not burn any of that that $4.50 gasoline, or get mad trying to find a parking spot at the mall.

The Tartan Shroud is also available at any book store in the United States. All you have to do is give them the title and ask them to order you a copy.

The Tartan Shroud is also on sale in Healdsburg at,

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Sell The Tartan Shroud and your organization will receive $5.00 per book

Is your favorite non-profit, service club, or group looking to boost contributions? How about promoting an event where I sell my novel, The Tartan Shroud, at the list price of $14.95 plus tax? Your non-profit organization will make five dollars per book sold at the event. Beyond promoting the occasion and providing me table to sign copies of The tartan Shroud, there would be no financial obligation to your non-profit or club. If I sell one hundred books, your organization would clear five hundred dollars. If I sell two books, your organization would make ten dollars.
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The Tartan Shroud Casting Contest

Last week I was staring at my keyboard when my thoughts strayed from the next Pinky and The Bear mystery to what famous actor could play Pinky in The Tartan Shroud blockbuster movie?
At this point no one has purchased the movie rights, but you can never figure out what a crazy Hollywood producer will do next.
And who would play the parts of Bear, Flo, and and do not forget Willow?
After you have finished reading the book, send me your picks for the four roles. I will post them as they come in and eventually select a winner.
What will the winner receive?
A signed copy of the next mystery in the series and your name posted on the Graffiti wall. Not great, but what did you expect for ten minutes of mental gymnastics and an email?
The best choices so far.
Pinky-- Jeremy Piven or B.J. Novak or two votes for Danny Devito or Hugh Laurie or Zach Galifianakis
Bear--Jason Segel or David Denman or Alec Baldwin or Nathan Fillion or Keanu Reevesor Ryan Hurst
Willow--Emily Deschanel or Sandra Bullock
Flo--Debi Mazar or Jaime Pressly or Cameron Diaz or Yvonne Strahovski

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Reviews of Death is a Cabernet

I was so excited to get my hands on the latest Pinky and the Bear adventure and Death is a Cabernet delivered with an uproarious romp through the wine country. Pinky is drawn into a murder investigation involving an amethyst corpse, traveling to Sonoma County to help out an old law school mate. Bear and Flo join the investigation (after a brief visit to foggy Modesto) and meet a spunky young girl and her Grandpa while staying at their resort on the Russian River. Conniving twins, controlling wine makers, skulking inn keepers, hired goons and hungry security guards all weave through the story as Pinky and Bear work together, and sometimes against each other to track down the murderer. But this book is so much more than just another murder mystery. The characters pop off the pages. You might not particularly like them, but they are memorable and intriguing. While the author tells a good story, the interplay of the characters is the heart of the book. Raise your glass to Pinky and Bear, fantastic characters whose escapades are a joy to read!
Wendy D. Maxham

This is my second Pinky and Bear novel and I have to admit that I love the unlikely duo. Bear is a hulky bear of a man with a low mentality but a pretty high moral compass. He does not always go by it, but he sure tries his best. Pinky, on the other hand, is an intellectual fart. Do not get me wrong, he is lovable, but not exactly the friendliest person in the world. The nonstop chaos that most of us face in life is represented in the book, but in such a manner that it is easy to laugh about it. When it rains, it pours, but at least Dalton makes it entertaining! Most mystery readers will want to pick this up. Be warned though! Most of the humor found in the book is sarcastic and not your every day slapstick.

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Reading groups will receive a signed copy, substantially lower shipping costs, and a 25 percent discount

Many avid readers are members of a reading group where a book is picked, or assigned, and after the book is read, the group discusses what they have read.
To encourage what I consider to be the best way to read, tell me how many books you will need and the first name of the members who will be reading the book.
On top of a personally signed copy, and greatly reduced shipping costs, I will give each reading group order a 25 percent discount.

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